Who is Sath?

Sath is a collection of Cyber Identity Access Management and Governance experts who perform IT Security, Regulatory Compliance and Managed IT Security Services and Consulting.

Our holistic and integrated approach is unmatched within the industry. We utilize all industry best practices. The technology we use allows us to provide our clients with a completely customized Identity Access Management (IAM) solution which includes, governance of identity and access, user provisioning, managing role based access control, facilitating regulatory compliance, and password synchronization. Our groundbreaking IAM platform has dramatically changed how many of our clients operate, and done so in a way that addresses their most pressing problems. Our team of qualified and talented individuals understand all the complexities and challenges associated with Identity & Access Management and have emerged as leaders and innovators.

We are an international information security productions and services firm focused on securing our clients businesses from cyber threats, both internally and external. Our passion is to “Do what has not been done before!” Our niche within the Cyber Security Industry adds true value, solutions, services for Identity and Access Management, and Cyber Security Governance. Sath simplifies your biggest IT challenge: managing your users’ access.

We believe in the “Right Access for Right People to Right Systems”.


What is IDHub?

IDHub is the amazingly simple identity management solution, where you and your organization can create, secure and manage all user and partner access to all of your business software. IDHub is a first-of-its-kind identity management platform that extends your IT investments by unlocking the true potential of your IDM systems, which give you the tools you need to:

1. Build: Our centralized platform allows you to define and deploy comprehensive access policies, without having to replace existing IT systems: IDHub works with most IDM systems to onboard and manage applications.

2. Manage: IDHub simplifies the user management process by automating updates and common tasks, and giving you a single-pane view into all access permissions for every application across your entire organization.

3. Secure: IDHub enables you to increase system visibility, identify unauthorized access earlier, quickly adjust user access levels as permissions change, and achieve full compliance with established data security controls.

Sath’s robust menu of industry-leading Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions and services, enable you to simplify and streamline the user management process.

With IDHub, easily manage all employees, users, and their access levels to all business accounts and software applications. IDHub is Identity Management for everyone.


Control Access * Eliminate Phishing Attacks * Eliminate Forgotten Passwords * Protect Your Reputation

Easy Access Removal * Increase Productivity * Simple Global Dashboard * Deploy Global Changes

Guarantee Compliance * Integrate Your Applications * Built To Scale * Support You Need