The transfer process is the process where IDM updates the user profile attributes when the user has Transfer status in the HRMS system and then reconciles the changes into corresponding Target Systems.

Use Case

Transfer Process

Process Name

Transfer Process

Brief DescriptionThe transfer process is initiated when an employee or contractor record displays Transfer status in HRMS. IDM considers those users as Transfer status whose company code changes and employee type remains the same. IDM reconciles all such users from HRMS and updates the record in IDM and corresponding target systems


  • Human Resources (HR Generalists/HRMS)

  • IDM

Trigger Events

  • Changes in department, company, job, manager attribute of a user in IDM


  • HRMS and IDM integration is up and running
  • User exists in IDM and is enabled



  • IDM triggers a user transfer certification


  • IDM does not trigger a user transfer certification
  • Email is sent to the manager upon failure
Basic Flow

The basic flow for the update process is explained in the below activity diagram:

  • IDM reconciles the updated record from HRMS and makes changes to the employee record
    • user match using employee id
  • Update calculated attributes
  • The IDM scheduled job that is scanning for user transfers notices a change
  • IDM triggers user transfer certification
  • Send notification to Role Member or Approval Group.
    • IDM sets up that the role member(s) have 21 days to complete the certification before the expiry
    • Email notification reminders are sent to the Role Member(s) every 7 days by IDM
    • If after 14 days the User Transfer certification has not been completed, the Role Member(s) receive an escalation email by IDM
  • Upon completing the certification, Role Members are indicated to either retain or remove the user's existing access
  • A nightly User Transfer Certification report is generated and sent to Access Management (IAM Team)


  1. The user Transfer process triggers the conversion process which runs in parallel.
  2. Certification date intervals shall be flexible and can be adjusted as needed by an IDM Administrator.

User Transfer Certification Process Failure Remediation

1-> Validate Event listeners before the execution of User transfer Certification job
if event listeners are missing
a)Add event listeners using API(feasibility check required) or Create a task to manually handle
2-> Filter out missing certifications by comparing updated users(job, company, department, manager) with a list of certification generated in WFTask then create user transfer certification for the missing ones using API(feasibility check required)


The diagram below illustrates the basic flow for the transfer process.

Trigger events-
-HR updates the user record in HRMS
-IDM receive the user record from HRMS into IDM
Trigger event should be more specific like- "IDM received updates for user's  company, job, department or managers"

Events to trigger TRANSFER PROCESS:
Changes to Job code, Manager, Department or Company

Basic FlowWhat should be the Certification expiration date?30 Days
Basic FlowAfter how many days manager will receive a notification related to access revocation corresponding to the certification?

"System should be able to handle changes in notification interval date ranges.
Start with 0, 5,10,20 & 30 subject to changes.
5 Days: New manager is reminded about pending user transfer
10 Days: New manager AND his/her manager is reminded about the pending user transfer
20 Days: New manager AND his/her manager is reminded about the pending user transfer
30 Days: New manager AND his/her manager is notified that the user’s access has been removed (see the Revocation Process"

Basic FlowWhere we get all the related notification templates detail? Template detail should be part of the required detail.

"System should be able to easily update notifications - no hard coding required.

The template can be changed at any time without affecting the process."