Project Management Office

The following material is developed by the Sath PMO Office. 


  • Ensure Projects Complete on Scope, Schedule, and Time.
  • Ensure Project Management Process is followed for all processes.
  • Status Reporting on every project
  • Update the project management process to reflect the way the projects are executed.
  • Ensure Resources are reporting progress.
  • Progress reported in Project management is meaning full.
  • Report to Management
    • Projects that are not following the process and why, and solution.
    • People that are following the process and should be commended
    • Follow up with people who are not following the processes to identify gaps and training needs.
  • A weekly report of teams' timesheet from the Time tracking system.

Key Performance Indicators

The success of a PMO is measured by the following

  • # of Projects that are on Scope, Schedule, and Budget.
  • # of People reporting their time and status of work. 
  • Identifying methods of improving the above two score


Report 1: PMO Status Report


This report is for stakeholders to get a high-level view of the health of projects currently being executed.

Period: Week of Nov 26th, 2012

A project that is not following process and why?

(Example) ACS - AIM - project opened without the knowledge or Change Control

People Following Processes

List of people who have planned time, reported time, and good meaningful comments

(Example) Person 1

(Example) Person 2

People who need training/improvement

List of people who need improvement and what

(Example) PErson 1 - no planning time, no-log time

(Example) Person 2 - not all time planned and logged 

(Example) Person 3 - comments in logged hours not useful


Projects that are following process 2/3

People who are following process 5/20

Report 2: Project Status Report


This report is for Project Managers, Leads, Clients to document and communicate the health and progress of the project