IDM Implementation Team Checklist


Confirm scope (On-Premise or SaaS) and schedule (4-6 weeks) with the Sales team


Coordinate and schedule a project kick-off meeting

  • Ask client POC to provide names and availability of their business lead/PM and a technical lead
  • Schedule Implementation Kick-Off with the following Agenda
    • IDM Scope Review (I.e. what was purchased and for what purpose)
    • Steps to get started
    • Information needed to complete installation
    • Information needed to complete setup
    • General Implementation Timeline
    • How and where we will collaborate
    • Date/Time For Weekly status meetings
    • Next Steps

Setup up a collaboration space for Clients and provide access. Space will have the following information-

  • Team members and contact info
  • Links to IDM documentation (external links)
    • Link to Online Registration Guide
    • Link to IDM Installation Guide
    • Link to IDM Quick Setup Steps
    • Link to download bulk user upload templates
    • Link to download application and/or role upload templates
  • Implementation plan and timeline
  • Status updates
  • Meeting notes, etc
4 Schedule weekly progress check-ins.
5Schedule working session meetings.

Client Checklist

1Review the installation steps.

2Acquire the required servers/infrastructure (Dev/Test Environment)

3Follow IDM On-line Registration/Setup steps

4Complete IDM installation steps


Complete IDM Setup Steps in Dev/Test Environment

  1. SSO Integration
  2. AD and other User Identity Store Integration
  3. HR Integration
  4. User onboarding and role assignment
  5. Application on-boarding


Upload users through bulk upload


Onboard IDM as a disconnected target system


  1. End-User
    1. Request and track access
  2. Access Manager
    1. Add resources
    2. Retire resources
    3. Create Certification Definitions
    4. Assign  Users IDM Roles -  IDM Admin, Resource Owner, and Access Manager
    5. Approve or reject access certifications
    6. Create and Manage IDM notifications
    7. Create and manage Approval Workflows
    8. Perform Recon on behalf of resource owners
    9. Request access removals (per HR needs)
  3. IDM Admin
    1. Perform IDM Application technical Support
    2. Change configurations to work with Authentication/SSO
    3. Create and Manage IDM notifications
    4. Create and manage Approval Workflows
  4. Resource Owner
    1. Add and retire resources, roles, and entitlements
    2. Create Certification Definitions
    3. Approve or reject access certifications
    4. Perform user/account recon
    5. Request access removals as needed

8Onboard LDAP as a connected target system 

9Testing for LDAP

10Reconcile all accounts into groups in LDAP

11Onboard HR or other applications connected Application


Assign test Users IDM Roles