IDM Vision :

Right Access for Right People to Right Systems.

Implementation Team Mission:

  1. Implement IDM in an organization (small, medium, large) to align with the organization's goals and objectives (will differ with each organization) within the time-frame determined.
  2. Understand Success Criteria for the client - How will the client measure success. Alignment to product vision to meet the client's success criteria.
  3. An understanding of an organization's needs, stakeholders, goals, and objectives, the current technological landscape.

 SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Complete all IDM Projects on Time schedule and Budget

Implementation Team Scope:

  1. Defined by the Organizational Size ( Small, Medium, Large)
  2. Defined by the organization's needs, goals, and objectives, stakeholders keeping in mind the current state and future state technological landscape.
  3. Develop or assist in the development of project plans, solution design with a focus on security, authentication, and communication across on-premise and cloud systems, stakeholder communication, socialization and sign off 
  4. The scope will include an overall description of the work, deliverables, justification for the project, constraints, assumptions, inclusions/exclusions, the primary objective of the project, important boundaries, the most important risks.


Implementation Team Definition:

Defined by the Goal and Scope.

Factors affecting team definition:

  • Size of the organization.
  • Implementation Cost.
  • Implementation Timeline.

Project Management Team:

The Project Team is responsible for providing project planning, client communication stakeholder expectation management.


Project Management

Assist in the development of the following focus areas 

  • Program Plan Creation 
  • Communications
  • Resource Planning
  • Budgeting and Finance.

Product Team:

The Product Team provides functional and product support, including business process evaluation, service definition


Product Feature and Functional Knowledge

Business Analysis

High-Level Knowledge of technologies involving IDM solution architecture


Assist in the development of the following focus areas :

  •  Business Analysis
  • Service Definition
  • Product Management
  • Solution Support Services
  • Functional Testing

Technical Team:

The Technical Team will comprise of architects, analysts, developers, and testers who will develop solution design, implement, test, and release the solution into all environments.


Assist in the development of the following focus areas :

  • Identity  and Access Management
  • Identity Repositories
  • Software Development
  • Systems Integration
  • System Testing

Implementation Role Goal:

  1. Have a good understanding of IDM Features and functions.
  2. Have the required skills per their Implementation role defined? Awareness of technology used in solution design - depth per role defined

Implementation Role Scope:

  1. Scope of the Role is defined by the specific role of the Implementer.
  2. An Implementer can wear multiple hats. This will be determined by the Implementation scope.

Implementation Role Definition

1.Project Managers, Project Co-ordination

  • Project Management
  • Communication
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Develops Project Plan, Resource Planning, Client communication.

2. Business Analyst

  • Communication
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Tools for Development and Management of Requirements
  • Develop Functional Requirements, Communication with stakeholders to understand needs and technical team for solution design

3. Functional Tester

  • Manual /Automated Testing
  • Develop Test Plans.
  • Conduct Functional Testing.
  • Communication of functional clarification and create bugs.

4. Architect

The Architecture Team provides subject-matter expertise, best practices and patterns for implementation, technical problem resolution approaches, and strategic direction recommendations. Develops: solution architecture and design

5. System Analysts / Developers

Working with Technical architects to configure and implement the solution, Coding - Java, SQL, Scripting, System integration, and Testing. Configures and implements the solution