Each IAM project should have the deliverable communicated to the client during each of the following phases:

Pre Kick Off

  • SOW

Kick Off

  • Project Plan

Pre Development

  • Business Process Document

  • Functional Requirement Document

  • Use Case Suite

  • Architecture Document


  • Design document


  • Test Suite

  • Release Notes

  • Demo Scripts

Production Deployment

  • Organizational Manual

  • Release Plan

  • Release Playbook

Project Sign Off

  • Project Sign Off



The Statement of Work "SOW" is the document that is going to define and capture the work that needs to be performed during the project. It will list the work activities as well as deliverable expected and timeline.

Project Plan

The project plan should reflect the different phases identified within the SOW.

Each of the phases should have sub tasks identified. Each of those sub tasks should have a deliverable (document, code...) affiliated to it.

We will use each of those sub tasks as a "Task" in JIRA so we can track accordingly the status/progress of the project.

Business Process Document

The Business Process document, will details the different business process that can be applied to the client. This document only talk about business process. It will be high level processes.

The business process document will reflect for example the "Data Model", the different "State Model" of users.

An example of different processes for a company can be any of the following:

  • Create user process

  • Create admin user process

  • Modify user process

  • Create role process

  • Modify role process

  • Delete role process

  • Create resource process

  • Modify resource process

  • Delete resource process

  • Assign role/resource process

  • Revoke role/resource process

  • ........

Each of the processes listed in the document need to be followed by an "Activity Flow" that will represent the different steps of each of the Processes.

Functional Requirement Document

The functional requirement document will set the base of the Scope work that is going to be performed within the project.

This document will need to obtain sign off by the client before starting any development work.

Some of the key components of this document are the foll9owing:

  • Attribute level process flow

  • Schema Mapping (Attribute Dictionary)

  • Mapping tables

  • Connected systems requirements (define source and target)

  • List of Roles and Resources

  • ............

Use Case Suite

The Use Case Suite or Use Cases document, is the document that will refer to all the use cases that will apply to the project.

A use Case is a list of steps that define an interaction between a role (authors / actors) and a system.

The different steps that are required for each of the use cases are:

  • Use case number

  • Primary actor

  • Secondary actor (if applicable)

  • trigger event

  • preconditions

  • post conditions

  • brief description

  • basic flow

  • exceptions (if applicable)

  • variations

Architecture Document

The Architecture Document reflect the physical or virtual architecture.

It need to include the following:

  • Solution architecture (representation of physical and virtual server and connectivity between each of them)

  • Option available for the solution architecture  (for example fail over option)

  • Network state

  • Specification needed for each of the environments agreed within the scope (usually DEV, QA, Prod)

    • server role

    • CPU\RAM

    • Hard Disk

    • OS

    • Network

Design document

Each of the connected systems will have an individual design document.

We also need to have an IDV Design Document that will reflect:

  • IDV Schema

  • Notes

  • Attribute mappings

Bellow is an example of a IDV Design Document created for the Norwalk project.

Norwalk Health IDV Design Document.docx

Each of the connected systems design documents need to have the following:

  • Schema mapping

  • List of policies

  • explanation of the policies

  • explanation of the business logic

  • Filter

Bellow is an example of a Design Document created for the DCFS project.

LA CAFE - Novell IDM RACF Driver Design Document v 1 0 0.docx

I design document will also be needed for the workflows if applicable.

Bellow is an example of a Workflow Design Document created for the DCFS project.

LA CAFE - CAFE Role Workflow Document.docx

Test Suite

A test case is a set of conditions under which a tester will determine whether the application/driver is working according to the design.

The test case Suite reflect all the test cases for each of the systems implemented within the project.

Each of the test cases need to have all of the following:

  • Test case number

  • test case requirement

  • test case name

  • pre-requirements

  • test case objectives

  • status (Pass, failed, not run)

  • retest date

  • notes

Bellow is an example of a Test Suite created for the DCFS project.

Workflow Test Case Document.xlsx

Release Notes


Demo Scripts


Organizational Manual

The organizational manual will reflect the different path and account information related to the clients environment.

For example we will be listing the following items:

  • path to eDirectory

  • path to configuration files

  • admin account information

  • user application admin account information

  • drivers account information

  • remote loader account information

  • ......

Release Plan

The Release Plan, is a checklist of of all the elements/deliverable that need to be completed prior to planning a deployment in production environment.

Each of those elements/ deliverable will need to be marked as completed, passed before moving forward in the project.

Release Playbook


Project Sign Off