The Conversion Process is triggered when an updated employee record is received from HRMS with a change to the Employee Type attribute (PER_ORG from 'EMP' to 'CWR', or 'CWR' to 'EMP' in the Oracle database). The user identity record is updated in IDM through the Reconciliation process to change the IDM Employee Type Role attribute from 'Company Contingent Worker' to 'Employee'. The Conversion process is completed with a combination of both IDM automated processes and manual actions completed by the IAMS team.

Use Case

Conversion Process

Use CaseConversion Process
Brief DescriptionThe Conversion Process is a specific update event for a user wherein they move from a contractor to an employee or vice-versa.
  • IDM
  • BI
Trigger EventsThe update process has occurred on a user who has moved from contractor to employee or employee to contractor 
  • User exists in IDM
  • The update process has occurred on a user who has moved from contractor to employee or employee to contractor
  • HRMS and IDM integration is up and running
IDM provides a complete report of all conversion that occurred from Monday to MondayIDM did not provide the report successfully

Basic Flow
  • HRMS record with revised user identity data attribute 'EMPLOYEE TYPE' is received in IDM Identity Hub via an automated scheduled nightly job.
  • IDM has completed an update process on a user
  • IDM has identified that the user role changed from 'Company Contingent Worker' to 'Employee' or vice versa. The User Account ID changes from 'C' to 'E' or vice versa automatically via the CompanyDS Integration process
  • IDM (BI) generates a report that lists all conversions for Access Management to manually process which is delivered daily to the IAMS team to complete manual provisioning activities
    • IDM creates a new task is created and assigned to the IAMS team to complete the request
    • IDM User Attribute is manually changed from E to C or C to E
    • User Home Drive changes from E to C or C to E
  • IDM revoke any SOX related role, account, or entitlement upon Conversion.


IDM needs to automate the conversion tasks referenced in the attached IAMS Conversion Process. 


The diagram below illustrates the basic flow for the update user process.