The Team:

Client Stakeholders:
Who supports this effort and is funding the effort? Who could potentially block this project?  They have requirements.
NamePositionDepartmentContact Information

Other Key Client members:
Who also has requirements?  Customer personas in the problem space.                                                                   
NamePositionDepartmentContact Information

Sath Inc. Team:                                                                 

NamePositionDepartmentContact Information

Problem space

Why are we doing this?
Problem statement
Clearly list challenges, issues and root causes.
Impact of this problem
How do we judge success?
What are possible solutions?


What do we already know?
What do we need to answer?

Ready to make it

What are we doing?
Why will Client want this?
The difference Sath team thinks the project will make for it's customers. We think that ... will have the following effect ..Airline example: "We believe that a low cost air travel product will meet customers travel needs and increase revenue for our airline".Other supporting material:
Visualize the solution

State each Hypothesis - problem - metric journey separately

Problem : What triggered the hypothesis? Clearly list challenges, issues and root causes.Airline example: "Many travellers are preferring train travel over plane due to costs".

Customer personas: Who has this problem? What motivates them? What are they trying to accomplish?Airline example: "John is a university student who wants to travel during semester vacation without spending a fortune".


Who supports this effort? Who could potentially block this project? Who also has requirements?Airline example: "CEO, pilots, travel agents, air regulators".

Team: What experience and skills are required to set up this experience for success?Airline example: "marketing manager, operations lead, finance, IT dev team"

Value: What is the likely user benefit and business benefit:

  • expected user gains

  • $ business benefits

  • technical benefits

Only list what can be measured and rank them as a team in terms of perceived customer value.Airline example: "Air travel speed (not service) at the price of train tickets."


What could solve the customer personas' problems and meet stakeholders' requirements?Airline example: "Refurbished airplanes with no check-in baggage and no food/drinks served".

Minimum viable experience: The smallest, easiest, fastest-to-make version of your idea that can reliably prove the hypothesis. Airline example: "Serving one popular tourist destination during university vacation."

End to end demo: Tell an end to end story from the point of view of the customer that focuses on the problems solved, the solution applied and value achieved. List key scenarios as role play, sketches or wire frames that later could be worked into hi-fi (pixel perfect) mock up journeys.

End to end previews of the user experience will give the entire team a desired end goal to work towards.Airline example: "Screen journey of booking a low cost flight; end to end experience from check-in to disembarking; complaint hotline process and experience, etc."Other supporting visuals : 
Scale and scope
How does this  fit with the client's long term strategy?