In this document we would be discussing, how do you go about or what is the flow of creating your own custom workflow.

In order to create your own custom workflow go to the workflow editor. The 1st step in creating your own custom workflow is to drag and drop a state node in the editor. The state node (as discussed above) is typically the 1st step of any workflow, as this denotes a state of the request.

Following screenshot shows a state node has been dragged to the editor:

Then the 2nd step after the 1st state node is that you need to perform an action. So for that you have the action node, which you need to drag and drop to do that action.

So say you need to start the flow, so then you have to put a action node start as shown below:

Now once have perform an action, so after that you need to perform some operation, let’s say that you need to generate a approval task after the start of the flow, so for this you need to drag and drop create task operation node in the editor, so the flow now would look something like:

Therefore in this process, you can drag and drop the nodes in the editor, connect the nodes, edit the nodes properties as per your workflow requirements and once you are done you need to click on the CREATE button in order to create your custom workflow.