The Applications under the Manage Catalog menu contains options that allow you to onboard applications to IDHub. For an overview of these functions, see Applications.

To view the list of Applications, go to Manage Catalog page:

  1. From the Admin Dashboard, click to the Manage Catalog button on the card
  2. Choose Applications from the search.
    1. IDHub displays the list of applications (in form of cards) present for your organisation in IDHub database
    2. Each application card contains:
      1. Application logo (Default logo if no logo is found)
      2. Application name
      3. Connection type (Indicator alongside the name in a colored circle)
        1. Green dot - Connection is successful
        2. Yellow dot - There is a form or a workflow mismatch
        3. Red dot - No connection is established
      4. Tags to identify the application
      5. Application description
      6. Edit Icon and More Icon
  3. To View more about an Application, click on the Application specific card to get into the details. Every application has 4 Tabs
    1. Details Tab
      1. This tab provides information regarding the application, its owner details, connection details, workflow details and scheduler details
    2. Attribute Tab
      1. This provides information related to each attribute within the application.
    3. Entitlement Tab
      1. This provides list of entitlements within the application that can be provided to the end-users of the organisation.
    4. Reconciliation Logs Tab
      1. This section provides information for all the synchronisations that happened between the application and IDHub
        1. Manual reconciliation via flat file is added and can be viewed
        2. Unfinished reconciliations can be completed too
        3. Automatic reconciliations based out of schedules is also listed here
  4. To Edit Application click on the Edit icon
  5. To know more about the actions that can be performed, click on the More icon