Who is an end-user?

An end-user is any person in the organization who is using IDHub for requesting for an application and managing it's own accesses.

How can I get an end-user access?

If you are on-boarded into IDHub as a user, you will get an end-user access by default.

No role is tied up with this functionality.

What will the tutorial include? 

This tutorial will help you set up your IDHub tool, and help you get acquainted with the various features of IDHub User Tool. Also,we can help you get up to speed on activities you can accomplish using this tool.

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to: 

  • Login & Home Page
  • View your Profile in IDHub
  • Search Catalog
  • Access Request
  • Approve/ Reject Tasks
  • Certify Users
  • Save & Share List
  • Manage Proxies
  • Revoke Accesses
Let's go!

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