This guide will provide instructions on how to use the upgrade script.

The upgrade.sh script can be found (idhub-docker-<version>/  location) inside the downloaded packages. This will help the end-user upgrade the latest download package, from a previously installed package.

NOTE: Your immediate installed version, must be up and running without issues.

The up-gradation process will involve following checklists to be followed:

  • Installing prerequisites 
  • Procuring the upgrade.sh script
  • General information before proceeding for up-gradation
  • Executing the script

Detailed steps for above are provided below:

Step 1: Installing prerequisites 

In order to properly execute upgrade.sh file, a few dependencies will need to be installed:

  1. Mongo Tools

  2. PostgresSql Client
  3. Mongodb client

Mongo Tools will provide us an easy way to backup and restore mongo db data and configurations.

Execute the below command to install mongo-tools:

sudo apt-get install mongo-tools

Execute the below command to install postgresSql clients:

apt install postgresql-client-common

sudo apt-get install postgresql-client

Execute the below command to install mongodb-clients:

sudo apt-get mongodb-clients

Step 2: Procuring the upgrade.sh script

Before proceeding to upgrade script, a few aspects need to be considered before moving ahead. It is presumed that:

  1. You have already downloaded the latest IDHub version which you would like to upgrade
  2. You had untar/unzipped the package (or untar using "tar zxvf idhub-docker-<version>.tar.gz")
  3. You kept the latest downloaded IDHub version under "/apps/" directory of your server

The upgrade.sh script is located below, idhub-docker<version>, which can be downloaded from here:


Step 3: General Information before proceeding Up-Gradation

Below are the steps involved in the up-gradation process:

  1. Backing up data and configurations
  2. Cleaning all previous IDHub related Images, volumes etc.
  3. Starting up the new IDHub version
  4. Restoring data from previous IDHub version 

Step 4:  Executing the Script

Execute the below command to run the upgrade process:


The IDHub upgrade process is an incremental version upgrade.