Track Request functionality is for only those who has/ had a request that they have requested access for or someone else had requested access for them.

How can I reach Track Request section?

You can view the Track request section from the Dashboard or from the Left Menu in 'User module' of IDHub

Can you navigate me through the Track Request function?

Upon reaching the track request page, you would be able to see all the requests associated with you in a list. (See image below)

Here you can view all your requests based on relevance or status or type or date range

On click of any request, you can go into the details of the request

Here all the catalog related information as well as beneficiary and workflow related information is present.

Note: If you are a beneficiary/ requester for the application, you will have a 'Withdraw' button in the footer to avail till the Request is Completed or Expired or Rejected..

Getting Stared as an End-User

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