What kind of tasks that an end-user can get?

The task page in IDHub is a central place for task management for End-users as well as Admins as well as Certifiers

Thus the task specific to end-users that will come here are:

  • Approval Tasks for Access Request
  • Approval Tasks for Revoke Request
  • Fulfillment Tasks for Access Request
  • Fulfillment Tasks for Revoke Request
  • Certification Tasks for User Access Certification
  • Certification Tasks for Resource Assignment Certification

How does the approval & fulfillment tasks look like?

The Approval Task has a Green indicator for Approval Task type. It usually contains:

  • Beneficiary information
  • Catalog information
  • Workflow information
  • Comments and Attachments (if any)
  • Task Actions to be made - usually they are Approve/ Reject/ Reassign

Another sample of the approval task type is:

How does the certification tasks look like?

Certification tasks usually have information based on its task type (See image below)

The above is a sample of Resource Assignment based certification. Here users are review for every catalog item as a separate task.

Getting Stared as an End-User

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