This functionality helps users to share cart information or save information for later use. It may so happen that you come across a desired IDHub offering that suits your business needs and you would like that to be processed with your company's account department at a later stage, Share Cart would help in that. The link stays active with Cart information which can be used at a later stage to buy IDHub.

What is the functionality of Share Cart?

There can be 2 ways from which Share Cart can be used:

  1. Either you are logged into IDHub and in Cart page with a product
  2. Or you are not logged into IDHub and a first time user with a product in Cart page

The process is fairly similar for both logged in and first time users

On click of Share Cart from the cart page, a Popup appears as below:

On the above popup, click on the link provided to start Saving and Sharing the Cart information 

  • The above link open another popups to save the cart in IDhub system that can be used at a later stage
  • Send via mail link is also present in the new popup: This link is to send cart information via mail to someone else or use later from logged in user's account

If option to send via mail is opted:

  • You would need to fill in additional information for sending the mail (see below image)

Here a Custom Email will be created to send to another email ID with the Link for cart items

  • You can add more than 1 email addresses if needed with a ; seperator
  • Enter Name of Sender (This will be the your name)
  • Enter Subject (This will be shown as the Subject in the email to be sent)
  • Enter Description (This will be shown as the Description in the email to be sent)
  • Option to Send Cart Email (This button initiates the sending of the email)

Congratulations! You have successfully sent the email for Cart and it is saved in IDHub for later use too.

How can I retrieve Saved Cart information which I did without Login?

It is to be noted that along with sharing the cart, we save cart information too.

In case you share the cart to a third party and you wish to view the cart information again, you can reach out to our Support team.

Our Support team will send a copy of the cart with the link at your desired email address

Reach out to the support team at +1 (844)-SATH-911

Will I be able to make payment later?

Yes. If you have Saved a Cart item which you wished to purchase, you can use the saved cart link to make payment at a later stage

In case you are unable to see the Saved Cart information, reach out to the support team at +1 (844)-SATH-911 for another link

Will the person that I share the cart with be able to make payment for me?

Yes. After Sharing the link, the person that the email has been sent to can make the payment and buy IDHub. However a new user will be created for him if the person hadn't logged in to IDHub at the time of payment

In case you wish to attach that order to a specific login at a later stage, you can reach out to the support team at +1 (844)-SATH-911 for making those changes

How long will the link for Share cart be available?

The link in the Share cart will expire in 30 days. In case you wish to extend the validity of the Shared Cart link, you can reach out to the support team at +1 (844)-SATH-911

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