What is a list?

As an end-user, you can save all the added items in cart as a list. This list can be named and can be used for later use.

It is just a collection of all catalog items along with beneficiary information and form related information (if filled)

How can I create and save a list?

A list can be created by adding catalog items into cart and going to cart details page and clicking on 'Save list' button from the header section of the page

Where can I view saved list?

A saved list is added in a page dedicated for saved items.It can be viewed from Left Panel in User Module of IDHub

What other items can be saved?

A task or catalog item can also be saved to view later

Can I share a list?

Yes. You can share a list and others in the organization can share a list with you as well

Can I view Shared items with others and Shared items by me?

Yes. You can view shared items in different Tabs in the 'Save and Shared List' page of IDHub 

Getting Stared as an End-User

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