After the certification is created, you can manually run the certification by clicking on ‘Run Now’ from the 3 dots menu under certifications. OR the certificate would run as per the scheduler and trigger settings.

If you manually run the certificate, then system would confirm, whether you want to run the certificate by a pop-up window. The pop-up window would show the no. of tasks that is created and other details.

Once you confirm, the certificate would run accordingly. Once the certificate is run, it needs to be approved, if there is a approve for the same. Once approved, then the certification would generate the tasks for the certifier.

The certifier would be able to view the certification task by clicking on the Tasks section in the left panel.

After he clicks on the certification task, system would show the complete details of that certification task. The different details of the certification task and actions are as follows:

  • Name of the user for which certification is carried out

  • TaskId

  • No. of comments

  • No. of catalog items

  • No. of days left to do the task

All of the above are displayed at the top. Then in the right panel of the page, we have the following:

  • Request submitted on [date]

  • Reason for submit

  • Request Id

  • Waiting for approval - Assigned to [username]

  • Waiting for Certification

  • Request completed

In the middle portion of the page, system displays all the catalog items that needs to be certified/revoked.

In case of resource based certification type, the system displays all the users for that resource, which the certifier needs to revoke/certify, as you can see in the below screenshot.

For each catalog item, IDHub provides the certify button, so that the certifier can certify access to that catalog item.

If the certifier wants to revoke access to a catalog item, then he needs to click on the 3 dots menu. IDHub would show the ‘revoke’ menu as shown in the screenshot below

He needs to click on that menu in order to revoke access to that catalog item. For each catalog item, whether it’s certify or revoke, the certifer needs to enter the reason for the same and click on either certify or revoke for that catalog item.

IDHub also provides the select all checkbox, so that you can do the revoke/certify operation for multiple items in the list.

There is a small progress bar at the top, which basically shows the percentage completion of the certification task.

The certifer needs to repeat this for all the catalog items. After that the certifier needs to complete the certification process. He needs to enter the reason and then click on the complete button in order to complete the certification process.