This section walks through the Role On-boarding process.

Why should I add a Role?

  • Roles help distinguish various users in your organization.
  • Multiple applications and entitlements can be bunched together, which provides a timely requestable solution for your organization.
  • Entitlement access can be granted without providing access to the application.
  • Predefined conditions can be created, such as granting users access to a specific Role during initial on-boarding of the user.

How do I setup a new Role?

Only an administrator can create a new Role. To do this, follow the below instructions:

  • Login with Administrator credentials
  • Go to Create Role on the Manage Catalog page
  • Enter basic information
  • Enter a condition based on how you want the role to be auto-assigned, without going through a workflow located on the 2nd page
  • Map the list of Applications and Entitlements that you would like to map to the Role
  • Complete the Role On-boarding by Approving the Role via Access Manager credentials

Voila! A new Role has been created for you.

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