What is a Role?

Roles are a form of digital identity, associated with permissions to specific applications, in the form of entitlements, which define what the member of that Role can or cannot do with their access.

What is Role Management in IDHub?

Role Management in IDHub is a set of tasks which are completed to create roles, and maintain their definitions over time including:

  • Defining a New Role for Creation

  • Creating Role Conditions for Role Assignment

  • Mapping Roles to Applications and Entitlements 

  • Role Maintenance & Modification

  • Disabling Roles

  • Retiring Roles

What is the importance of Role Management in IDHub?

Role Management is and import function, allowing for organizations to:

  • Keep Roles current as the organization and IT needs change.
  • Meet organizational audit and compliance requirements.
  • Automate access to users, and validate that the appropriate access to entitlements, has been granted.

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