All Onboarding Requests (either Application or Role or Service Request) goes to the Requests page.

Navigate to "Requests" from Left Panel or Click on "Track Requests" from Dashboard to go to Requests page for reviewing your requests.

The page looks like this below:

Things you can do in the page are:

  • Click on any Request 'Card' to view the Request Details page
  • Click on filters on the right side to refine results
  • Search for a particular request from the search icon on the header
  • Edit/ Delete Draft Requests

Request Details Page

Upon Clicking on any of the card, you can see in detail what stage the request is in and detail around it.

See below for an example of Application Onboarding request for an Application 'CCnB':



All the stakeholders of the request can comment on the request from the request details page and attach any files for reference if needed. 

Also, it is to be noted that only the requester can withdraw the submitted request at any stage except when Request Life cycle is ended (i.e. Request is in Complete/ Failed/ Rejected state)

Custom Workflows

With our custom workflows, these statuses can differ based on which workflow has been used for the particular catalog item (Application or Role or Service Request or any other)

The various statuses of request that IDHub provides OOTB are -

  • Draft - This request has not be submitted for approval and can be edited.
  • Waiting for <manager/ group/ access manager> approval - This requested is submitted for approval. The request cannot be edited while in this status.
  • Request Approved - This request is approved for implementation by System Administrator or Operator. This request cannot be edited.
  • Request Rejected - This request has been rejected. Review comment for reject reason.
  • Request Failed - This request failed to be processed and will be reviewed for Technical issues by System Admin /Operator.
  • Complete - The request is complete and the application on-boarding is complete.

Getting Stared as an App Owner

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