This document talks about reverse proxy configuration. If the need arises that a connector setup is stuck due to proxy errors. Use this documentation to configure reverse proxy.

Reverse Proxy configuration for connector application

This step will help us configure reverse i.e the port where the connector would run will be redirected to a URL which will be required in later part of the documentation 
This is done as a best practice to use the DNS url for configuration instead of mentioning the port 

If your proxy settings server is on-prem /same server then you can directly login to the server where IDHub is deployed or else you will be required to login to the Physical VM-server from which the virtual machines are created

In our case we are going with the second option and logged in the Virtual machine server

Now, Navigate to /etc/apache2/sites-enabled

Next open the required server file from the list of vm machines <abc.iamsath.conf>

Below is an example of the settings which needs to be present in the .conf file for the server

So the url in this example would be:  https://<test>