To manage your subscription of IDHub and keep track of payments, addresses and downloads, you would need to be registered into IDHub.

In this document we will understand:

  • What it means to be registered in IDHub website
  • How we can register ourselves in IDHub website

Why is registration required?

A user can register themselves to:

  • Manage orders and subscriptions
  • Download IDHub executable files
  • Manage Address and Payment information
  • Receive product updates
  • Marketing offers in IDHub
  • Other product related information.

Can I buy IDHub product without registration?

If anyone wishes to buy a product license (either On-prem or On-cloud), a registration is NOT mandatory.

It is to be noted that a user gets automatically registered in our account after a new product is bought. To know more about 'How to get IDHub', click here

How to Register?

Registration to IDHub is simple.

Option 1: Registration for first time IDHub users

If you are using IDHub Website for the first time, follow the below steps:

  • Click on 'Login' button from IDHub webpage (look at the top menu for the button)
  • You will be redirected to the Login page (See image below)

  • Click on Register button in the Login Page
  • After clicking, the Registration page is opened to enter information (See below image)

Note: Valid email to be entered; Password and Confirm Password needs to be same

  • After Register is clicked post entering valid credentials in Registration page, an email is sent to the email ID for verification 
  • Go to your email ID and click on the verification link (Note: This link would expire in few hours so it is advisable to complete this step at earliest to avoid re-registration)
  • Post clicking on verification link, you will be redirected to IDHub Landing page and registered into IDHub

Congratulations! You are now a member of IDHub family!

Option 2: Registration for users with IDHub product

Please note that in this option registration is taken care of by IDHub team automatically.

If you have purchased IDHub, you will get automatically registered.

You can directly login and manage your IDHub account. To know more about login, click here

If you have any questions related to this article, please call IDHub helpdesk for more information

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