This page provides information on procuring your tenant login password.

Step 1: Login to Your Server Console

  • Login to you server through ssh where your IDHub is installed.

Step 2: Locating .env File

  • Navigate to “/root/apps/idhub-docker-<version>/” where your IDHub is installed on your server, or this can be different, as per set by your preference.

  • After you navigate inside the IDHub directory, here is where you will find your .env file.

  • By default, it will be hidden. To view this file enter the command:
    less .env


  • After you executing this command, .env file will open, which is where your password is located.
    TENANT_ADMIN_PASSWORD: xxxxx962-xxb9-4exx-xx45-xxx50ee8xxbe

Copy this password in “Enter your configuration password:” section.