There are 2 ways to Onboard Users

  • Via Reconciliation based registration
  • Via Direct Registration through Keycloak Registration Form

How can I on-board my employees into IDHub using Keycloak Registration Form?

Keycloak provides a form unique to every customer of IDHub.

Setting up Keycloak

For procuring this and using this form, you would need to do the following:

  • Go to Keycloak Administration section - This can be done via Admin Settings page for Administrators
  • Go to Authentication Tab from Left Menu
  • Click on Bindings Tab
  • Click on 'Direct Registration'

Contact IDHub Administrator for procuring the form link for yourself 

User Registration

Send the form to the new user that needs Onboarding into IDHub

  • New User opens the Registration Form
  • Enter mandatory credentials in the form
  • Saves the form and gets redirected to the Login page of IDHub
  • Upon entering the valid credentials, user can now get into IDHub and perform all the actions of an end user

How can I on-board users using Reconciliation?


Performing Reconciliation

  • Go to Manage Catalog page
  • Click on Ellipsis (3 dots) on the application which was On-boarded and is a Trusted (Reconciliation) Application
  • Click on Reconciliation
  • You will be navigated to the Reconciliation Page
  • Download the sample file provided specific to this application
  • Enter Application information with new users
  • Upload the file and see validations for newly added information that will be made by IDHub
  • Validate and complete reconciliation

Procuring Default Passwords for login via Reconciliation

  • Contact Support team for procuring default passwords for newly added users

Login with New Users

  • After successful On-boarding, new users will be able to perform all functions of an end user

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