When you click on My Profile, you would be able to view all the details about your profile including your basic details, the catalog items that you have access and other functions. When you click on your name in the left hand panel of IDhub, my profile page opens as shown in the following screenshot:

The various details and functions that is there in the my profile are as follows:

Basic Details

As shown in the screenshot above, the basic details that are shown under the my profile page are as follows:

  • User name

  • user email address

  • user department

  • User phone number

  • Login

  • Manager name

  • User type

  • User location

  • Effective date

There is a View More link, which when clicked opens up a right hand side panel, with all the details as is shown in the screenshot below:

My Access

In the bottom portion of the page, the system would show you all the applications/entitlements/roles that you have access.

The catalog items are by default sorted by Date Added, but Idhub provides you more sorting capabilities through which you can sort the list.

As shown in the screenshot above, the other sorting filters are as follows:

  • Date added (default)

  • Name

  • Application

  • Role

IDhub allows you to request an application or remove the application from your profile. Click on the 3 dots menu for an application and then you would find the following menus:

  1. Add to my request

  2. Remove

When you click on “Add to my request” the application gets added to cart and if you click on remove, IDhub would show a pop-up confirmation window as shown below:

If you click on YES button, then a revocation request would be generated. The revocation request would go as per the request life cycle of the concerned application.

I am a Proxy For

In this section, the system shows you all the users who have added you to be their proxy.

My Proxy

In this section, the system shows the users who are your proxy. There would be link “Add Proxy”, which when clicked would open the Add Proxy window as a right hand side panel as is shown in the screenshot below:

For adding proxy, you would have to enter the following:

  • Date

  • Enter the name of the user

  • Assign proxy to manager check box

    • This means that the system would assign your manager to be your proxy.

Once you have the proxy assigned you can either edit the proxy or remove then as you can see in the screenshot below:

There’s also this “View More” link, which shows a right hand side panel. In that panel, the details of the proxy are shown as is shown in the screenshot below:

Direct Reports

In this section, the system would be showing you all those users who directly reports to you. In other words, the system shows the users for whom you are the manager.