As an administrator, every cart information that comes to IDHub can be managed. This page would explain more about that.

How to enter the Saved and Shared Carts section in WooCommerce?

  • Login to IDHub Website with WooCommerce Admin credentials.
    • See this page for more details on login
    • For becoming a WooCommerce Admin, view this page
  • Post login, you would see the header is different from the end user login
  • Click on the Sath IDHub link in header and click on Dashboard

  • It will navigate you to wp-admin page
  • Observe the left panel and click on 'Save & Share Cart'

Below is the list-view of Cart information 

It is to be observed that carts can be saved by Guest who have not logged in as well as logged in customers

  • For entering details section of the cart, click on the Cart created date hyperlink on any row

The details page looks like this:

What functionality can be performed in Save & Share Cart by an Admin?

There may be multiple requests from customer to retrieve there cart information

An administrator can:

  • Fetch customer/ guest cart information
  • Provide link to customer via mail
  • Redirection on cart can also be modified
  • Edit Cart items in the cart is also possible with Woocommerce
  • Option to move the cart items to Trash is also available

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