As an administrator, every order that comes to IDHub can be managed. This page would explain more about that.

How to enter the Orders section in WooCommerce?

  • Login to IDHub Website with WooCommerce Admin credentials.
    • See this page for more details on login
    • For becoming a WooCommerce Admin, view this page
  • Post login, you would see the header is different from the end user login
  • Click on the Sath IDHub link in header and click on Dashboard

  • It will navigate you to wp-admin page
  • Observe the left panel and click on Orders

Congratulations! You are now in the Orders Page. It will look similar to this:

What are the functions that can be performed in Orders Page?

In the Orders Page, there are multiple things that can be done. They are:

  • Order List Page:
      • It can used to view Order based on:
        • Payment amount
        • Renewal Type
        • By Customer
        • By Order Type
        • By Month
        • By String search
    • It can be used to enter any specific order details
    • It can be used to change Order processing status from In Progress to Completed and to other statuses
  • Order Details Page:
    • Things present in details page are:
      • License Key (s) - More than 1 license key can be tied to an order
      • Order Details
        • Unique Order ID
        • Created Date
        • Current Status
        • Customer name and information
        • Billing Address information
        • Shipping Address information
        • Item Details
        • Payment Amount
        • Discounts and Other fee information
        • Downloadable Product permissions 
      • Order Notes are provided for any action or event happens on the order
        • Private notes
        • Notes to customer
      • Order Actions can also be taken
        • Send invoice copy to customer
        • Resend new order notification
        • Renegate download permissions

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