As an administrator, every customer that comes to IDHub can be managed. This page would explain more about that.

How to enter the Customer section in WooCommerce?

  • Login to IDHub Website with WooCommerce Admin credentials.
    • See this page for more details on login
    • For becoming a WooCommerce Admin, view this page
  • Post login, you would see the header is different from the end user login
  • Click on the Sath IDHub link in header and click on Dashboard

  • It will navigate you to wp-admin page
  • Observe the left panel and click on 'Customers'

Below is the list-view of Customer information 

The details page looks like this

What functionality can be performed in Customer section by an Admin?

There may be multiple requests from customer to retrieve there cart information

An administrator can:

  • View customer information
  • Update profile information of customer
  • Update Address of customer
  • Can generate new password for customer that can be sent to customer

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