As an administrator, Coupons (Discounts) can be added for customers to avail. This can be managed for every product there is in IDHub. This page would explain more about that.

How to enter the Coupons section in WooCommerce?

  • Login to IDHub Website with WooCommerce Admin credentials.
    • See this page for more details on login
    • For becoming a WooCommerce Admin, view this page
  • Post login, you would see the header is different from the end user login
  • Click on the Sath IDHub link in header and click on Dashboard

  • It will navigate you to wp-admin page
  • Observe the left panel and click on 'Coupons'

Below is the list-view of Coupon information

How can I create a new coupon?

After redirection to Coupon page, If you do not have any coupon, you will be shown this page

  • Click on Create Coupon or Add Coupon
  • This will redirect you to Add Coupon wizard

Here you can do the following:

  • Generate a Unique Coupon Code
  • Add details of the coupon
  • Add General Information on coupon
    • Discount Type
    • Coupon Amount
    • Coupon expiry date
  • Add usage restriction on coupon (See below image)
    • Attach products/ product categories to the coupon
    • Exclude products/ product categories to the coupon
    • Maximum/ Minimum amount restriction on the coupon

  • Add usage limit on coupon (See below image)
    • Usage limit per coupon
    • Usage limit per user

  • Click on Publish to activate the coupon

What other functions can be performed in Coupons?

There are few other things that can be done in Coupons section

  • You can view complete list of coupons for the products
  • You can edit an added coupon
  • You can delete an active/ inactive coupon
  • You can publish Coupon codes for Marketing and advertisements purposes

Need more help?

Folks at IDHub are ready to support you.