This section is for supporting customers of IDHub that comes to IDHub for Online Signups

Majority of the tasks that an administrator would need to perform are to:

  • Answer customer queries regarding product offerings
  • Explain various product types based on users and add-on packages (if any)
  • Assist customer in case of any problems regarding redirected through the website and buying IDHub product
  • Assist customer related to their order queries and support of that
  • Send shared cart links to customers On demand
  • Clarify payment and renewal related questions
  • Remove older expired cart and customers that are no longer active
  • Manage licenses and operations of that

Note: Above list is not the entire scope of assistance, newer scope will get added to this list as customer need arises

Getting Started

For a WooCommerce administrator, the primary responsibility would be to manage user signups and registrations.

There are certain pre-requisites to start supporting for Online Sign up queries of the customers of IDHub.

Become an Administrator

You need to become a Woo commerce administrator to perform Admin functions and help customer. To become one, you need to

  • Create a service request to add yourself as a WooCommerce administrator for supporting Online Sign-ups) in Service Desk
  • After completion of ticket and confirmation, go to IDHub Website
  • Follow Login instructions provided for Internal users (Method 3) here
  • Navigate to respective section from left menu inside WooCommerce administrative page

Congratulations! You are now an IDHub WooCommerce Administrator and can help IDHub Online Sign Up customers

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