In this document we would be discussing how do you replace JSON or download JSON for out of the box nodes tha tis provided by IDHub.

IDHub provides you the ability to replace JSON or Download JSON for out of the box nodes that is provided by IDHub. For this go to the Workflows section and then you click on the Nodes tab.

The system shows all the out of the box nodes provided by IDHub as is shown below:

Now for the node, which you want to replace or download JSON, you just need to click on the 3 dot menu, then you would be given the following options:

So by clicking on “Import & Replace”, the system would then show the following dialog box:

You can drop the JSON file here or upload the JSON file and hit the upload button in order to replace the JSON for that node.

And then of course, you can click on the download json menu in order to download the json for that node.