In this document we would be discussing, how to add your own custom nodes.

In order to add your custom nodes, you would need to go to the Workflows section and then you click on the Nodes, then you need to click on the ADD NODE button as is shown below:

When you click on the ADD NODE button, this gives you the following dialog box:

As is shown in the screenshot above, First you need to select the node category. As we have discussed above, you need to select the category of node ( action / operation / state) and then upload the JSON file for the node and hit the upload button in order to add that node. You can also click on the link “Download Sample Json” link in order to download a sample JSON file, so that you can understand the structure of the JSON that you should follow for creating your custom developed nodes. Once you have uploaded the JSON file for your node, then your node would start appearing in the workflow editor.