Who is a System Administrator?

A System Administrator is an owner of all of the applications, roles, workflows, forms, notifications and service requests in an organization. They define the criticality of the resource and authorize access to the resource, or the right people. In the enterprise, they are typically either the business owners or IT owners, who develop the company's strategy, and justify the need for any particular resource (either application, role or otherwise). From an IDHub perspective, System Administrators control and prioritize all business and IT operations, define the access policies, and authorize and certify access to the resource.

This guide will help you get up to speed on using the IDHub Admin Console and activities you can accomplish as a System Administrator.  You must have a System Administrator Role on your instance of IDHub. The primary user will be given the 'System Administrator' help by default to help Setup IDHub and provide other users with this role by requesting via Search Catalog

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to : 

  • Explore the Admin Dashboard
  • Explore & Manage Catalog items
  • Create new Application
  • Create New Roles
  • Review Requests
  • Reconcile access data for your application
  • Create custom workflows for Applications, Role and Service Requests
  • Create custom forms for application, roles or service requests
  • Create New Service Request
  • Manage Out-of the box roles and service requests
  • Manage email notifications
  • Create and manage certifications processes
  • Setup administrative configurations, emails and other settings
  • Login to Keycloak and manage User Federations
  • And much more...


  • IT Owners
  • Business Owners

Time: 2.5 hour

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