Step 3: Define the entitlements i.e. the permissions for the application .  Click Add New Entitlement.

Enter details for new entitlement:

  1. Entitlement Name*: Provide the name of the privilege associated with this application.
  2. Search Keywords: Provide keywords to tag this entitlement 
  3. Description: Provide a brief description of this entitlement.
    Provide Access Details-
  4. Approval Workflow*: Does this entitlement go through approval on request? Provide the level of approval workflow.
  5. Fulfillment Info*: For disconnected applications provide the name of the fulfillment group who will provision and de-provision access to this entitlement.
  6. Certifiable: You can enter tags that denote the industry or regulatory standards this entitlement has to show compliance and adhere to.
  7. Risk Level*:  Business owners use an internal enterprise defined criteria to classify the Risk Level of their application and entitlements. Select from High, Medium and Low as indicated in the Application detail page to classify the risk level of your entitlement.
  8. Requestable: Switch this toggle button to on, for entitlement to be available for request in your end user catalog.
  9. Add: Select this to Add the Entitlements to the list on the right.
  10.  Edit: The pencil icon can be used to display the attributes on the left in edit mode to make changes. The Remove option can be used to delete this attribute form the Attributes List.
  11.  Navigation options: Previous and Submit buttons help to navigate to the previous and submission screen respectively.

    The final step in the application on-boarding process it to submit for approval. Select Submit.

  12. Enter a Reason*: This field appears for resource owner to provide justification for application on-boarding. Provide a justification.

  13. Submit: Select this to finally submit your application to Access Manager group for approval . On approval, this application is successfully on-boarded.


You've completed your first application request!

Your Application request is now submitted to the Access Manager Inbox for approval. You will be able to view your request in the Requests Page.

Next, let's create a new role.