As an administrator, every emails that goes out to customers from IDHub website can be managed. This page would explain more about that.

How to enter the Customise emails section in WooCommerce?

  • Login to IDHub Website with WooCommerce Admin credentials.
    • See this page for more details on login
    • For becoming a WooCommerce Admin, view this page
  • Post login, you would see the header is different from the end user login
  • Click on the Sath IDHub link in header and click on Dashboard

  • It will navigate you to wp-admin page
  • Observe the left panel and click on 'Email Customizer'
  • You will be redirected to Email Customizer section

See preview:

What are the various Emails that IDHub Website has for sending to customers

There are many editable emails that are sent based on various actions of users across IDHub website. The list includes:

  • New Order
  • Cancelled Order
  • Failed Order
  • Order On-Hold
  • Processing Order
  • Completed Order
  • Refunded Order
  • Customer Invoice/ Order Details
  • Customer Note
  • Reset Password
  • New Account
  • New Renewal Account
  • Subscription Switched
  • Processing Renewal Order
  • Completed Renewal Order
  • On-Hold Renewal Order
  • Subscription Switch Complete
  • Customer Renewal Invoice
  • Cancelled Subscription
  • Expired Subscription
  • Suspended Subscription
  • Failed Subscription Renewal SCA Authentication
  • Pre-Order Payment Action Needed
  • Payment Authentication Requested Email

Note: Above is the list of emails that are sent via WooCommerce which can be edited. Other category emails are not mentioned above 

Can we customise all emails at once?

Every email type mentioned above has a distinct format, you can redirect to Email Customiser section to customise each mails separately

What can be customised?

As a administrator of WooCommerce, you have ability to:

  • Text
    • Customise Heading
    • Main Text
  • Appearance
    • Base Color
    • Background Color
    • Body Background Color
    • Body Text Color
    • Product Images
  • Header
    • Logo Upload
  • Footer
    • Footer text

Please note that while customising emails, you can:

  • Use any specific email that had already occured and preview that order while making updates
  • You can send a test mail to see how it looks in real time
  • You can debug via PHP errors and Header & Template info

Need more help?

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