IDHub can help Administrators build their own 'Custom' workflows

What are custom workflows?

A Request Life Cycle (From employee request to fulfillment of request) can comprise of many different ways of approvals or fulfillment or attribute information gathering or task management or emailing information for different applications. IDHub helps you customize the workflows at every stage to get a desired outcome

Where can I find workflows?

To get access to 'Workflows' section, you need to be a 'System Administrator'. Request for the role to get started with workflow customization

Upon getting the access to Admin module, go to 'Workflows' Tab

You can view all the workflows present in IDHub by default.

What are nodes?

To understand 'Nodes' you need to click on the Node Tab in Workflow section (See below)

Nodes are stages between a 'flow'. Workflow in IDHub uses the combination of a flow diagram along with 'states' for flow 'stops'

A flow can get triggered or stopped from a Node. 

What are the different types of Nodes and their functions?

As you can see, there are 3 different type of Nodes in IDHub:

  • State Node
  • Action Node
  • Operation Node

State Node

This represents a request state in the workflow. This node does not perform any function. A flow is stopped when this node is reached.

Examples of this node are: Start, Waiting for Manager approval, Waiting for fulfillment, End

Action Node

This represents a task action or a workflow action.

It is present immediately after the state node and is used to trigger a flow.  A validation check is performed before triggering the flow.

Examples of this node are: Start, Manager Approval, Manager Reject, Complete, Withdraw etc

Operation Node

This node is used to perform small atomic operation required to complete a transition. Operation nodes are custom developed nodes to perform a particular function.

Examples of Operation node are: Create Task, Update Task, Update Request, Webhook, Javascript function, Send Notification etc.

Import Node

You can perform 'Import' of an Operation node from the Node Tab. Simply upload the node's JSON object and use the Node to perform functions in your own workflows 

How can I create Workflows? Can I have a walk through?

Go to Workflow section and Click on 'Create Workflow' to navigate

You will land up in the Workflows section (See below)

Drag and drop nodes from the left panel node sections

Typically, state node is the first one to use from where the flow will begin

This means that when the 'State' of any request is 'Waiting for Approval' (As shown in image above), then the flow may initiate.

Now to initiate a flow, you need an 'Action Node', select, 'Manage Approve' and link with the state node 'Waiting for Approval', it means that the system will validate the state node with the request state and initiate the flow to the action node

Post that, add Operation node to perform any actions of the node before moving to another state node and so on...

The end-result can look something like the image below

It is to be noted that to fill any further information on a node, it needs to be clicked to open a 'left panel'


Note: The error indicators are coming up in next major release.

The Workflow name and details can be edited on click of Edit icon on the Header to open a left panel (See image below)

Please make sure to click on 'Create' to save the workflow and reflect in the Workflow list view in Workflow function