IDhub also provides an advanced option to the administrators to create their own custom forms.

Why are custom forms needed?

There are some applications that require a customised list of fields to be entered by its requester (i.e. typically employees of organisation).

This feature helps create a custom form that requester will have to use while submitting request for the application

This feature can also be used in 'Service Request' feature of IDHub to create forms for users to submit the request for a service

Who can create a form?

Currently only administrators can create a form. Get the 'System Administrator' role to avail this functionality

How can I create a form?

If you have the 'System Administrator' role, then go to 'Forms' selection in the Admin module.

There are many OOTB IDhub Forms that would be present that an Admin can use.

To create a new form, click on 'Create Form' button on the header

The Form creation has 2 steps, first is to fill the form related information and the next step is to actually create the form

Step 1: Form Basic Details

You can either a form from scratch or use an already existing role

Step 2: Form Creation

You can add various types of 'Inputs' as stated in the right side of the page. On click a new input type is added.

Input Types

Each input type has it's own functions. To explore more and visualise how the end result looks like, you need to avail the 'Preview' option in the top-right area of the page

The preview looks like:

Post creation of the form you can view it in the Forms section as well by clicking on the Form.