What are Service Requests?

Service Requests are used for managing IT and Operational related services, and assist organizations by helping to facilitate tangible and intangible services, used within the business, which can be requested by any user within IDHub.

Service Requests empower organizations by standardizing IT and operational processes and commonly requested services, as well as provide detailed tracking related to those requests.

IDHub Service Requests are are broken down into the following categories:

  • Complaints
  • In-House Requests
  • Maintenance
  • Travel & Accommodations
  • User Modifications
  • Device Request
  • Office Equipment
  • Safety Equipment
  • Telecom Equipment
  • Other Requests

Below are some commonly used Service Requests:

  • Document Creation
  • Printing
  • Simple Graphics
  • Promotional Materials
  • Policy Document Update
  • Time-Sheet Update
  • Create a User
  • Modify a User
  • Terminate a User
  • Lock Account
  • Password Resets

Who can create Service Requests?

System Administrators and Access Managers have permissions to create any type of Service Request needed within their organization. Although, IDHub can be configured to provide these permissions to any Role, as needed.

IDHub offers a few out-of-the-box Service Requests, related to the User Life-cycle, which can be modified if needed:

  • Create New User
  • Disable/Enable User
  • Modify User
  • Remove User
  • Reset Password

How can I create a Service Request?

Adding a new Service Request is a breeze with IDHub. Simply login with admin credentials, navigate to the “Service Request” page, and click on “Create Request”.

After clicking on "Create Request", the Service Request creation wizard will open, allowing you to enter the required information:

  • Service Request Type
  • Request Name
  • Description
  • Approval Workflow

Approval Workflows

Approval Workflows have their own dedicated wizard, used to create any Custom Approval Workflow imaginable. When configuring an Approval Workflow, you can choose what category(s) the workflow will be used for. Service Requests are a category.

If the Approval Workflow needed for the new Service Request is not shown as an option, you will need to go into the workflow you choose, and add "Service Request" to the category drop-down. This will allow that specific Approval Workflow, to be a choice when creating a new Service Request.

Custom Forms

Custom Forms can be attached to Service Requests, requiring the user who is requesting, to complete the form as part of the request process.

If you choose to use a Custom Form, you can either create a new form, or select a pre-existing form.

Custom Forms are not required.

Who approves the newly created Service Request?

Only Access Managers have the permissions to approve newly created Service Requests, before they become available for users to request.

Once the new Service Request has been submitted, an Access Manager will receive a task to approve the new Service Request.

Once approved, the Service Request will be available on the "Search Catalog" page, along with all other active requestable resources, for users to request. (As long as it was configured as "Requestable")

How can I track my request to create a new Service Request?

Tracking any request can be done from the "Requests" page, within any IDHub user account.

Simply click on the specific request, and easily view all details regarding the request process.

Note: In the below image, Jerome is an Access Manager, and he created this new Service Request, which is why he also "Claimed" and "Approved" the task to create the new Service Request, "Key Card Access".