Purpose of the Document

In this document, we would be discussing how to create a new custom workflow.

How to create a New Custom Workflow

For this go to the workflows section (you need to be a system administrator role in order to access this section). By default the system would be showing the out of the box workflows that is already present at IDHub under the Workflow Tab.

As shown in the screenshot below, in the right hand side of the page, there is “Create Workflow” button.

When you click on that button this opens up a separate page, which is custom workflow editor.

Workflow Editor

After you click on the Create Workflow button, IDHub would be showing you the Workflow editor section, as is shown in the screenshot below:

The different sections of this page is described below:

Name of the Custom workflow

At the top left section of the editor we have a small pencil icon. If you click on that icon, the system shows the following in a right hand side panel (shown in the screenshot below)

In the right hand side panel, you are supposed to enter the following details about the custom workflow that you are going to create.
- Workflow name* (this is a mandatory)
- Description
- Keywords
- Category (drop-down) (this is a mandatory)
When you click on the category, system would be showing the following options:

You can go ahead and select on or more category from the above options provided.

- Request states
- Select custom form (if there are any custom form associated with the workflow, then you can select it from the drop-down)

Nodes section
Then we have the nodes section as is shown in the screenshot below: