Connectors are pre-built IDHub software components which adds a set of new customized features to IDHub, or help integrate with a third-party service. Sath IDHub supports wide range of industry requirements and provide high level of customization for individual business needs. Depending on the business need, users can choose which IDHub function they want, and create the feature, or use in-built feature.

Connectors allow users to link IDHub accounts with other services like Pandadoc, Google, Zendesk,etc. Once built, IDHub will be able to push data from or to the third party app, via SAML or OAuth 2.0. These will allow adding APIs for operations you need to perform to help with the integration. For example, Different APIs may be present for your third party service for pushing custom data, all your APIs can be tied with a single connector.

You can use:

  • OAuth for transferring data across systems
  • SAML for Single Sign Ons

IDHub provides support for various third party apps, including:

  • Google Core Services (Groups, Shared Drives)

  • Microsoft Services (Teams, Shared Drives)

  • LDAP based apps

  • Database based apps

  • Atlassian core services (JIRA & Confluence groups, Jira projects, Confluence Spaces)

However, some services are not directly integrated with our IAM platform yet such as PandaDoc, Dropbox, Twillio etc. For these apps, you can make a connector to expand IDHub third party support. We use OAuth 2.0 for the third party integrations for IDHub.