Certification is the process for reviewing and auditing access to users or resources, to either certify or revoke user access accordingly. Only System Administrators and Access Managers have permissions to create a new Certification. IDHub allows you to create two different certification types:

  • User Access Based Certifications

  • Resource Assignment Based Certifications

Accessing your Certifications is easy.

  • From the Admin Module on the Dashboard, click on “Review Certifications”, which brings you to the Certification page.

Search Feature

The Certification page has a search feature, allowing you to easily search and view all active, drafted, and archived Certifications. Following are the tabs that are present in the section:

  • All - this is the default tab, which shows all the Certifications that have been created in IDHub.

  • User Access - this tab shows all User Access Based Certifications.

  • Resource Assignment - this tab shows all Resource Assignment Based Certifications.

IDHub also provides filters to refine your search results accordingly, as well as a “Clear all” link, which would clear all filters that are applied.

Certification Grid

The Certification Grid page shows a preview for all Certifications that have been created in IDHub. Below are a list of the preview details which we see on the grid:

  • Certification Type - this defines whether this is a User Access or Resource Assignment Certification.

  • Certification Defined On - this is the date the Certification was created on.

  • By - this tell us what user created the Certification.

  • Status - this tells us whether the Certification is active, drafted, or archived.

Below is a list of available actions, which can be performed on each Certification:

  • Edit Certification

    • To edit any details within a Certification, click on the pencil edit icon, which opens up the Certification in an editable mode, allowing for quick edits to any section.

  • Ellipsis Menu

    • Run now - this allows you to manually run the Certification.

    • Certification request - this takes the user to the “Requests” section, where the status of the Certification request can be seen.

    • Archive - this will archive the Certification.