IDhub allows you to bulk upload applications so that you can onboard multiple applications at one go. In order to bulk upload applications, you need to click on the Manage Catalog link in the left panel and then click on the button “Add Application” at the top right corner of the page. When you click that, system would give the following options:

  1. Add Application

  2. Bulk Application Upload

You need to click on the Bulk Application upload menu at the top, then system would bring up the following page:

  1. You need to select the IDM version. Presently IDhub supports the default IDM version which is IDE shim. 

  2. Next, you have to download a sample template (XLS) file, so that you would be able to know the format in which you have to upload the data. The name of the XLS file is: sample-application-template.xls

  3. Please click on the ‘Download Application template’ link in order to download the sample template file for bulk upload of applications.

  4. Once you have downloaded the sample template file, you have to open the file in an excel spreadsheet software. This is a XLS file and can be open using MS excel or other spreadsheet software or cloud applications.

After you have entered all of the above field details in the excel file, save the file in your local disk. While entering the data  in the excel file, make sure that you are careful of the leading spaces in the data. Make sure that the excel file size does not exceed 25 MB.

The next step is to click on the upload button, navigate to the location where you have saved the excel file, select the file and click on the open button to upload the file. Finally the system would show the Error message OR Warning messages OR Updates messages. 

Please note that:

  • Admin would have to review the errors/warnings and make relevant corrections in the XLS file (sample-application-template.XLS) and upload the file again in IDhub in order to complete the bulk upload process.

  • When the XLS file is successfully uploaded without any errors or warnings, the applications would be onboarded into the system, pending access manager approval.

  • You should note that a submission can’t be reversed.