Any on-boarded user within your organization can become an Administrator in IDHub. This document shows the necessary steps to become an administrator.

Why should I become an System Administrator?

Every on-boarded user defaults as an End-User. To perform administrator functions, a user would need to have access to the System Administrator Role.

Below are System Administrator functions:

  • Manage and Edit Applications and Roles
  • Retire and Disable Applications and Roles
  • On-board New Applications and Roles: Single or Bulk Upload
  • Perform Reconciliation for Applications
  • Approve On-boarding Requests
  • Manage Collections
  • Create, Manage, and Run Certifications
  • Certify Certification Tasks

See our IDHub Guide to learn more about these functions.

How do I become a System Administrator?

To become an System Administrator, any User would need to request access to the System Administrator Role, and then be granted permission. Below are instructions on how to become an System Administrator.

  • Login to IDHub
  • Navigate to the "Search Catalog" page by clicking the "Request Access" button located on the Dashboard
  • Search for the Role "System Administrator"
  • Request for that Role

Approve the Request

The approval process for access to the System Administrator Role, is a 2-step process. First the task is assigned to the direct Manager of the user requesting the Role, and then assigned to an Access Manager. Follow the below steps to approve the request for a System Administrator:

  • Login as the Manager of the User who requested the Role
  • Go to the "Tasks" page, Claim and Approve the Role request

The request will now need Access Manager approval:

  • Login as an Access Manager
  • Go to the "Tasks" page, Claim and Approve the Role request


  • Login as the User who requested the System Administrator Role
  • Observe the User's Dashboard. The User will now have an Admin Module, as well as a User Module. From the Admin Module, the User will have access to System Administrator functions.

Congratulations! You are now a System Administrator!

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