Step 2:  Application is the target system where an account for a person is physically created and associated to entitlements that will provide privileges to the user of your application. Add the Application attribute details.  Attribute is the set of data that is used to create an account for the user within the Application. It uniquely identifies the user  and helps with reconciliation of information between the application and IDHub. 

Below are the details to be used in Attributes page:

  1. Field Name*: Provide the name of the field to be displayed in the user form of catalog request. This will be used to create the user account . Example: User Id, Login ID, First Name, Last Name, Department
  2. Data Type: Select the data type that will represent this field. Example: number, string.
  3. Matching Attribute: Provide the name of the attribute in the application that will match the user field. Example: EmpNumber, FName, LName , Dept.
  4. Required: Is this a field required for user account creation? 
  5. Reconciliation Key: Is this field used as a key to compare the actual and approved access data in the application and IDHub?
  6. Unique Field: Does this field only have unique values?
  7. Add: Select this to Add the Attributes to the list on the right.
  8. Edit : The pencil icon can be used to display the attributes on the left in edit mode to make changes. The Remove option can be used to delete this attribute from the Attributes List.
  9. Navigation options: Previous and Next buttons help to navigate to the previous and next screens respectively.

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