An administrator can perform other administrative tasks along with Catalog item management and template management. 

What other tasks can an administrator perform?

Go to Admin Settings Tab from Left panel

There are multiple sub-sections in the Admin Settings section.

License Information

This page includes all the information about the license that has been acquired by the customer

It also provides plan details information and shows list of users used and target systems onboarded.

Company Information

Company information includes company logo, contact number, organisation name, email etc. to be filled

Catalog Overview


Catalog information provides an overview of all the different catalog items and their counts present in IDHub.

If the user wishes to go into the details, one must click on the card for getting the entire list.


Schema is a compiled list of attributes for a catalog item. It can be self customised and upon addition of any new attributes, the same will be needed while onboarding and used in requesting as well as desired.

Email Configuration

Email Configuration can be made for setting up Emails and send desired templates to respective recipients

Sign On

Every Administrator gets access to their dedicated Keycloak instance. Data synchronisations can be made within the keycloak using the User Federation functions


The Connections section list out all the relevant connected applications present for the organisation. Redirection link to for their respective directories are provided

User Registrations

An administrator can perform or help register users in IDHub. It can perform the function via:

  • Direct Registration: A form is provided to administrator. They can share the link with the respective employees of the organisation to fill in data and create an IDHub user for them
  • Register via LDAP: Here LDAP based connection is to be established and then data is synced and user is onboarded to IDHub
  • Reconciliation based Registration: Post onboarding of users in keycloak using Federated service, reconciliation can be made based out of any application to sync to IDHub

About the Product

Finally, an Administrator is in-charge of the licenses, and thus can upgrade/ downgrade their licenses.