How does an ideal Directory structure look like in Windows?

After you have ran all the commands and placed the files, you will be looking into Apps folder and it should look like below:

Replace Starting connector steps to below:

Following are the steps which needs to be followed in order to achieve connector application running as a part of the system service, and will also run automatically on each system reboot


This step involves keeping the connector application into a desired folder

for example : we are keeping the connector configurations under Connector folder under apps


Install java (Java 17 Dev Kit or later recommended)


Download Winsw


Copy winsw.exe to the app dir

Make winsw.xml file

 This is an example of a minimal Windows Service Wrapper configuration, which includes only mandatory options.
 This configuration file should be placed near the WinSW executable, the name should be the same.
 E.g. for myapp.exe the configuration file name should be myapp.xml
 You can find more information about the configuration options here:
 Full example:
  <!-- ID of the service. It should be unique across the Windows system-->
  <id>ID Hub Connector</id>
  <!-- Display name of the service -->
  <name>ID Hub Connector</name>
  <!-- Service description -->
  <description>ID Hub Connector</description>
  <!-- Path to the executable, which should be started -->
  <arguments>-jar idhub-connector-application-1.0.2.jar</arguments>




Install as service

Run the below commands in command prompt as admin:

cd C:\Apps\IdhubLDAPconnector

winsw install

winsw start


Setup windows firewall for port 8805

open windows firewall with advanced security as admin

Under Unbound Rules

Click on New Rule

In new Inbound Rule Wizard pick port

Click next

enter TCP and port 8805.

Click next

Pick Allow the cobnnection

Click Next

Pick all

Click next

Give it an name and click Finish.