For getting access to any application/role, those catalog items are required to be added into cart.

To search catalog and adding to cart. Look here. (See below image for cart details)

Can I request access for multiple applications and entitlements and roles at once?

Yes. you can add as many catalog items into the cart for requesting them all at once.

Can I request access for someone else?

Yes. you can request access on behalf of other personnel in your organization. Here you will be the 'Requester' and the person you are requesting for is the 'Beneficiary'

Post adding items in Cart, What can I do to request access?

Click on Proceed from Cart to go to Cart Details page

In this page:

  • You can save the entire list for requesting later or sharing with someone else
  • You can fill application information that is required by clicking on 'Continue'

On click of continue, the RHSP (Right Hand Side Panel) opens up with the form that is required to be filled for the catalog item.

Fill in the information for all the Beneficiaries and click on Done

You can update an existing account if an account already exists or create a new account too.

To submit request for access, enter justification and submit the cart items to complete request for access.

Getting Stared as an End-User

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