What is IDHub?

In simple terms, IDHub is an Identity and Access Management solution for organizations, which provides "Right Access for Right People to Right Systems". IDHub helps organizations protect and secure applications and data. This flexible solution is used to manage access to all individuals and/or groups, to internal and third-party digital assets.

Whether you are a representative of a multi-national organization, or a small business owner, IDHub can act as:

  1. An identity repository for all personnel
  2. A central space for managing resources and information systems

IDHub allows for simple controlling, monitoring, auditing, on-boarding, and removing access to users and/or account privileges, to any application or device. IDHub’s flexible Identity Management solution is available as a SAAS or On-Premise application.

IDHub Features

In this document, we will explore a high-level overview of available IDHub features, including:

  • Application Life-Cycle Management 
  • Access Reconciliation
  • Catalog Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Identity Life-Cycle Management
  • Access Review System
  • Notification Service
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Service Requests

Other features include:

  • Unified Structure Identity Data Model
  • Easy Deployment and Scalable Architecture

Upcoming Features:

  • IDHub as a 'SaaS Solution
  • Multi-IDM Support

Features In Detail

Application Life-Cycle Management

System Administrator Functions:

  • Single and bulk application on-boarding, with self service simple wizards
  • Review and approve requests, before on-boarding for end-user use
  • Modify Applications: view, edit, disable, enable, retire

Access Reconciliation

System Administrator Functions:

  • Manual file-based reconciliations for disconnected applications
  • Automatic timely synchronizations for connected applications
  • Custom reconciliation mechanism for user on-boarding and registrations

Catalog Management

IDHub provides a Catalog managing platform, which allows for:

  • Role Creation: roles are job designations
  • Entitlement Creation: entitlements are permissions within applications
  • Collections: simple movements between environments
  • Custom Attributes: birthright role provisioning and more
  • Workflow and Custom Form Associations

Workflow Management

Workflow Management is an advanced feature available to System Administrators, allowing them to add Custom Workflows, which enforce authorized access requests for organization management and regulatory compliance by way of:

  • Custom Workflow Creation: used for custom nodes to access reviews and approvals
  • Custom Form Creation: used for application requests and task operations
  • Manage Workflows and Forms

Identity Life-Cycle Management

Simple Life-Cycle User Management:

  • Integration and Synchronization to trusted sources, such as IDM and target systems
  • Self Service User Interface: end-users request access to organization resources from the catalog
  • Simple new hire on-boarding on day 1
  • Simple access revocation on final day

Access Review System

Advanced Access Management Review:

  • User and resource-based access reviews
  • Query-based review assessment for users and resources
  • Certifications via predefined triggers and custom workflows
  • Prevent self certifications, access review approval mechanisms, and more

Notification Service

Our dedicated notification service allows System Administrators to:

  • Setup their own STMP server
  • Create custom templates or use IDHub templates
  • Email queuing and reviewing system
  • Create and attach custom email templates to workflows

Reporting and Analytics

Using JS Reports, System Administrators have the ability to create:

  • 5+ IDHub Reports for quick analysis
  • Advanced dashboards for all users
  • Auditing and logging mechanism for analytics and audit checks
  • Additional reports in the works and available soon

Service Requests

Service Requests can be created by all Users, with approval from System Administrators, allowing for the following:

  • Approval and on-boarding new service requests
  • Modify existing service requests
  • Attach custom forms to service requests for user responses

Other Advantages

Unified Data Model

IDHub supports:

  • Robust identity and access monitoring
  • Anomaly detection system
  • Actionable reporting and auditing system 

Easy Deployment

Hassle-free deployments in IDHub:

  • On-premise Docker-based deployments for small businesses
  • On-cloud and Kubernetes-based deployments
  • Quick download, install and registration, without strings attached

Scalable Architecture

IDHub has a dedicated notification service for System Administrators, allowing for: 

  • Scalable container-based architecture 
  • SCIM connectors, container-based and extendable REST API design
  • Zero downtime and uninterrupted access to organization users