This page defines key terms you will find useful while working with IDHub.

Account : An account is a set of credentials and attributes that a person is authorized to use and authenticate to enterprise resources.

Access Approver

Access Certifications

Access Certifier

Access Reviewer

ALM : Application Life cycle Management in the context of IDHub includes:

  1. Governance  - Business and IT Owners to determine the business an IT importance of the application and map it to a strategic outcome. Define  the process for application management, data security and user access.
  2. Develop -  Plan to implement the defined process and use IDHub to integrate, onboard enterprise resources, processes, provision/de-provision users to target systems for Identity and Access Management.
  3. Maintain and Monitor user access and resource attributes using IDHub.
  4. Retire Application from IDHub

Application : An application is a program or a collection of programs that help enterprise end user to perform specific tasks. It is used by the enterprise to help meet its business objectives. Each application based on its function,importance and the value it adds  to the business is assigned a criticality, risk rating. Each Enterprise Application typically has a business and/or IT owner. IDHub Collection

Archive : IDHub Collection

Business Owner : The business owner owns the business outcomes supported by the Enterprise Application. They define the criticality of the application function and the company's strategy for the application. They liaison with Information Technology to control and prioritize all the business requests submitted to IT.