Track Requests helps you view  requests and check status. A request can be of different types in IDHub like provision access request, access revoke request, certification request. Each request type is associated with a sequence of approval, fulfillment or certification steps  also called the workflow from request submission to request complete.  This page lists all your request or requests for others submitted by you with the latest on top. You have the ability to search using a keyword to narrow search results immediately. You can further filter the results by using various criteria including -

Relevance:  This filters results based on its relevance to you i.e request submitted for you or for others by you or your requests that are expiring soon.

Status: The status indicates what state the request is within the workflow. Within IDHub you will commonly see the following workflow state-

  • Request submitted
  • Waiting for manager's approval
  • Waiting for cert request approver approval.
  • Waiting for certification.
  • Waiting for application approval
  • Waiting for fulfiller
  • Request completed

Type : This helps filter by the various types of requests within IDHub -

  • Provision
  • Application Instance
  • Revoke Access
  • Certification

Date Range : You can select a date range to filter all requests submitted between the period.


Request Detail

You can select a request from the Track Request page to review its details. Each request detail page includes various sections  -

Beneficiary: This is the who of the request i.e the individual for who the request has been submitted. You can select on the beneficiary to open a right hand panel to view beneficiary profile.

Details: This is the what of the request i.e what the request is for. The request can be an access or revoke request for an application, entitlement or role . It can also be a request for certification of user access or resource assignments.

Request ID: Each request is associated with a unique request ID that identifies the request in the system.

Request Workflow.- This displays the current  status  of the request . This is followed by each step of the request workflow from request submission to approval, fulfillment, certification and completion. At each step, the date, information with regard to who it is assigned to, if approved, rejected, certified or fulfilled the name of the individual and or role completing the workflow task.

Comments: Allows comments and attachments to be added to the request.

Screenshot below displays a request for the CCnB Application  submitted by Martha Lee on Nov 10,2019 for beneficiary Magnus Kekhius,  Martha Lee claimed the ticket and approved as Manager. The ticket is now waiting for Application Owner Approval.

Screenshot below displays a request for an Entitlement submitted by Martha Lee on Nov 10,2019 for beneficiary Magnus Kekhius,  Martha Lee claimed the ticket and is yet to approve as Manager. The ticket is waiting for manager's approval.

Screenshot below displays a request for a Role   submitted by Linzell Bowman on Nov 10, 2019 for beneficiary Magnus Kekhius,  Chinaza Akachi  claimed the ticket and rejected the request as Manager providing a reason for rejection.

The interface displays further details on beneficiary and request details on selection.

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